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Your guide to the Crossroads of America!

Welcome to Indianapolis - a Midwest city that offers an ideal mix of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, all rolled into one. Indianapolis is filled with places to go, things do go, and opportunity to move forward. Here you'll find a diverse array of neighborhoods that provide more than 850,000 residents the opportunity to experience all that the area has to offer - including some true hidden gems!

While you may know Indianapolis for its raceway, this city is so much more! As the capital of the state of Indiana, this bustling mecca has grown throughout the years to become a highly diverse and culturally inclusive center.Known as an educational hub, there are a number of fine institutions in the vicinity, including Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) - which has two colleges and 18 schools - as well as Ivy Tech, Butler University, and Marian University. Indianapolis, or Indy as it is also referred, can also be a wonderful place to engage in theatre, museums, art, and other culture - and it has a number of green spaces and parks in the immediate downtown area, as well as in the surrounding vicinity. Because of this variety, residents have numerous options in terms of the attractions and amenities that they may pick and choose to live near. While many people may visit Indianapolis each year in order to cheer on its races, secure business deals, and to take in its culture, there are also thousands who opt to stay and make this city their home.

What to do in Indianapolis

There are lots of things to do in Indianapolis - so no matter what you enjoy, you are likely to find it here. This city is packed with rich historic sites, as well as art, entertainment, theme parks, sporting events, and parks. It may take a while to explore it all!

How to Get Around in Indianapolis

Getting around in Indianapolis can be easy - especially if you have the proper map and / or app. Indy is actually considered to be a very walkable city. It is easy to reach hundreds of restaurants and other destinations in the downtown area on foot. Because of the flat landscape of Indianapolis, the city was also proclaimed by as being one of the best areas to see by bicycle. It offers numerous bike paths, as well as the innovative Indianapolis Cultural Trail (ICT). In addition, there is the Pacers Bike Share Program, which offers 25 stations located throughout the ICT for those who wish to use a bike for unlimited 30-minute trips. Indianapolis also offers bus service throughout the area. Schedules may be found online or at any of the local bus stops.

What it's like to live in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is more than just a place where they race cars! It can be an ideal city to work, play, live, and to call home. There are numerous opportunities for employment in Indiana's capital city - primarily in the fields of biotech and healthcare. There are also a lot of things to do here - many of which are free. Many of Indy's residents and visitors alike enjoy walking, running, or biking along the Canal Walk, which stretches through the White River State Park. You can even rent a pedal boat and get out on the water. If you're a sports fan, Indianapolis is host to the Colts of the NFL, NBA’s Pacers. In fact, the state of Indiana has produced more NBA players per capita than any other state. It also goes without saying that auto racing fans will be in pure paradise in this town! There are also a number of great outdoor spaces to enjoy in and around the Indianapolis area, too - including Military Park, Eagle Creek Park, and the Indiana War Memorial Plaza. So, whether you're at work or at play, you are sure to stay busy in this mid-western city. You will also find that that while there are many different neighborhoods here, each one is uniquely distinguished - so you are likely to find one that suits you well.

Where to find apartments in Indianapolis

There are neighborhoods both directly in and around Indianapolis in which to locate the apartment of your choosing. But, prior to heading out to look for it, you should ideally do some initial research first. When you go to secure an apartment in Indianapolis, you will usually be required to leave a security deposit and the amount of the first month's rent. This will typically also need to be accompanied by proof from your employer that states you have a steady amount of income that is well above what you will owe in monthly rent - and that your employment is stable. You should also ideally have a good, solid credit history, and at least one or two good credit references. When seeking the ideal apartment in Indianapolis, you will also want to make a decision as to what attractions you want to be near. For instance, do you want to be close to any parks, your employer, and / or the downtown area? After you've had an opportunity to work on the location, there are also other items to consider as well. For example, what other amenities do you want to have? Do you want to pay more for an in-unit washer and dryer, or are you ok paying less, but taking your laundry somewhere to do it on your free time? If you have a car, are you ok with street parking, or is a garage important to you? What about other conveniences such as an on-site workout facility? All of these things can be important - and they will make a difference in what you pay. But, once you have narrowed down your list, you will be much better able to key in on the ideal apartment in Indianapolis for you and your specific needs.

Neighborhoods in Indianapolis

Old Northside

Once the homes of the wealthy residents of Indy, many of these primarily frame residences have now been sub-divided into apartments. Close to the downtown area, this is a favorite locale for young professionals and couples.

Fountain Square

Near the southern and eastern edges of the downtown area, these former warehouse and factory buildings now provide apartment living - which can often be an ideal spot for those who are artists and other creatives. Also a great spot for young professionals, too.


Pike Township is known as being an eclectic area. Near the campus of IUPUI, many students and employees of the university may reside here. This locale also provides easy access to I-65. A bonus here is the nearby Eagle Creek Park, which can be a great place to take a stroll or a bike ride and get some fresh air.


Another area that could be great for students, recent grads, and / or young professionals is Butler-Tarkington. Close to Butler University, these homes are near the school - yet also offer a bit more space.

Broad Ripple Village

The Broad Ripple Village neighborhood offers a close knit community feel. There are also a number of great cafes and bars in the area - and the area is well known for its great night life on the weekends.


Bates-Hendricks is considered to be a more up-and-coming area. Close to some really awesome eateries and attractions in the downtown locale, yet not directly centered smack dab in the hustle and bustle of the city streets. This neighborhood offers a variety of different living arrangements to suit different tastes.

Chatham Arch and Mass Ave.

Chatham Arch and Mass Ave. is an artsy, active area that surrounds the Mass Ave. Cultural District. It is close to a thriving array of restaurants, retail shops, theatres, and art galleries, so there is never a lack of things to do or places to go here. This neighborhood also provides some nice green space and tree lined streets in order to help soften the urban setting.

Canal and White River State Park

At Canal and White River State Park, there is a popular two-block neighborhood at Fayette Street. This could be an ideal location for those who are active, as you could literally have White River State Park in your back yard. You would also have numerous activities at your doorstep, including the Eiteljorg Museum, IMAX Theatre and Victory Field.

Cottage Home

If you're seeking more of a historic neighborhood, then Cottage Home could be the one. This locale, situated on the east side of Indy's downtown, consists of residents from a variety of different backgrounds. The area also has an extremely active neighborhood association, which regularly meets for block parties and other functions.

Cole Noble Commercial Arts District

Also on the east side of the downtown area you will find the Cole Noble Commercial Arts District. Here you'll have access to many small businesses and eateries that are within walking distance to the apartments and condos in the area. There is also the "Green Gateway" to Indianapolis that runs through Cole Noble, which is known for its green practices and cleanliness.

Fall Creek Place

Over on the north side of downtown Indy, you will find Fall Creek Place, which is considered to be home to many families. This area was actually revitalized in the early 2000s, so it consists of restored historic homes, as well as parks and other great amenities. It is also quite close to some wonderful restaurants, shops, cafes, and other establishments for residents to enjoy.

Fletcher Place and Holy Rosary-Danish Church

The Fletcher Place and Holy Rosary-Danish Church neighborhoods actually flow into each other near the south side of downtown Indy. While both are historical areas, they are also growing communities that thrive on hosting regular events and festivals.

Garfield Park

Garfield Park is located just southeast of the downtown area. Here you will find the oldest city park in Indianapolis. The residents here are focused on keeping the neighborhood beautiful - and they tend to stay involved in projects that include safety and community events.

Fountain Square

Fountain Square can, in some ways, be compared to a European Village, due to its unique shops, entertainment, architecture, and even a central fountain. The area also has literary, visual, and performance artists that entertain residents and visitors regularly. A diverse area, this can be a great place to call home.


On the west side of Indy's Canal, you will find the Hawthorne neighborhood. This area is conveniently located, just a few minutes away from all of the downtown activity, yet not directly in the middle of all the city hustle and bustle. Here, there are green areas to enjoy and lots of living space.


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