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Jersey City

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Jersey City

Your guide to Chilltown!

Welcome to Jersey City - an exceptional blend of history, along with 21st century revitalization. Sitting on the banks of the Hudson River, Jersey City offers something for just about everyone - from employment to shopping to sports. You will also find a wide variety of diverse neighborhoods here that provide its more than 260,000 residents with the opportunity to experience all that Jersey City encompasses, from world-class food, entertainment, and activities, all in one great place.

No matter how you get here, once you do, you will understand that Jersey City is a special and unique place that is filled with interesting neighborhoods, fantastic architecture, and a rich array of history that is blended with the "today". New Jersey's second-largest city, Jersey City is situated in the northeast section of the state and it sits along the Hudson River, directly across from New York City. It provides a vast array of green space, burgeoning night life, and spectacular views of Manhattan from across the water that even resident New Yorker's don't have! Loaded with notable landmarks, museums, libraries, art, and culture, along with some of the very best dining, theatre, and sports venues to be found, Jersey City can offer an ideal package for those who want to work and play here. Jersey City is also considered to be one of the most diverse cities in the world. Throughout the years, it has evolved into a globally cosmopolitan mecca. This has led to some of the area's most vibrant and eclectic neighborhoods. While millions of people visit Jersey City each year in order to take in its sights, as well as to conduct business, there are thousands of others who decide to stay and to call this city their home.

What to do in Jersey City

There is much to do in Jersey City - so no matter what you enjoy, you are sure to find it here. This city possesses not only a rich history, but also a modern bent. You can start by checking out some of the more notable landmarks, such as Ellis Island, the Colgate Clock, or the Loew's Jersey Theatre.

How to Get Around in Jersey City

Getting around in Jersey City can be easy - especially once you get familiar with the area, and you are linked up with the right map and / or app. One of the best ways to get to and from your destination is the use the Path Train. Or as residents refer to it as, the PATH. This rail system has stops in Jersey City at a number of locations, including Exchange Place, Newport, Grove Street, and Journal Square. It also runs to Manhattan and the World Trade Center. The New Jersey Transit system also operates buses to the Port Authority from various points in Jersey City. For those who both live and work in Jersey City proper - or, if you just want to get out and get some exercise - the city is considered to be very walkable. With so many retail shops located in the downtown area, most errands can easily be accomplished on foot - as well as via bike - in this cool location.

What it's like to live in Jersey City

Jersey City is much more than just a thriving metro area. It can also be an ideal place to work, to play, to live, and to ultimately call your home. There are a wide variety of employment opportunities here - from large investment entities to IT. Mirroring it's cousin New York City, the things to do in Jersey City can be just about endless - and many are even free. For starters, Jersey City has a long list of nearly 60 different parks and public green spaces, including Lincoln Park and Liberty State Park - the largest public open space area in the vicinity. Situated directly on the banks of the Hudson River, there are also waterfront activities that include Sea the City, as well as Statue Cruises where you can view the Statue of Liberty from a ferry boat. For the sports fan, Jersey City residents have lots of teams to cheer on. These can include the NHL New Jersey Devils and the New York Jets and New York Giants the NFL, and the New York Red Bulls for soccer. So, get your jerseys ready! This thriving city is also home to a multitude of museums, art galleries, and shopping, as well as a plethora of dining experiences - from the ultra fancy to the casual, so bring your appetite, too. Plus, while Jersey City holds a great deal of U.S. history, this area is also moving quickly into the 21st century. It is modern, diverse, and provides just about anything its residents need. And, while many areas are defined by only that, Jersey City is also distinguished by each of its individual neighborhoods - of which there are lots to choose.

Where to find apartments in Jersey City

There are many neighborhoods, both directly in and around Jersey City where you can find the apartment for rent of your choice. However, before you head out to look and sign a lease, it is a good idea to do some initial research. Also, when securing an apartment rental in Jersey City, you will generally need to put down a security deposit and the first month's rent. This will also typically have to be accompanied by proof from your employer that states you have a steady income in an amount that is well above what you will owe in monthly rent - as well as that your employment is stable. You should also ideally have a good credit history, along with at least one or two good, solid credit references. In terms of finding your perfect apartment in Jersey City, here you will want to decide just what types of things you want to be close to. For example, is it important to you that you're near the water, the park, or the downtown area? Also, do you want or need to be in close proximity to public transportation? After you've narrowed down your perfect location, there are also some other items you need to think about, too. These include whether or not you want other amenities in your unit, such as a washer and dryer - or if you would rather pay a bit less in monthly rent and do your laundry elsewhere on your free time. Once you have your list of must-haves all complete, you will be in a much better position to move forward with finding your ideal Jersey City apartment for rent.

Neighborhoods in Jersey City

Hamilton Park

The Hamilton Park neighborhood is dotted with a number of colorful parks and green spaces. So, for those who love the outdoors, this could just be the ideal spot. Perfect for those who are on the go, and young families with kids.

Harsimus Cove

The Harsimus Cove neighborhood provides a nice mix of singles, families, and empty-nesters. This makes for a diverse and vibrant area that provides for an overall community feel. There are a number of local businesses in the immediate area, including some great restaurants, a bike shop, and other mom and pop shops that are frequented by residents.

Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park is located in the historic downtown Jersey City area. At one time, the park was actually the centerpiece of the Van Vorst Township, a township that existed in Hudson County in the mid-1800s. Today, residents of this locale enjoy the nearby Jersey City Medical Center, as well as the Old Colony Shopping Plaza. It is also conveniently located near the Grove Street PATH Station.


While Waterfront is oftentimes considered to be a part of downtown Jersey City - especially to most of the locals - this area is actually categorized as a separate neighborhood. This is because it is quite different from the historic downtown. Here you will find many options for high rise living.


Newport is actually a part of the Waterfront neighborhood - where you can find options for high rise living in a variety of different price ranges. This is also the home of the popular Newport Mall.

The Heights

Situated atop the Palisades, this primarily residential area is the home to some of New Jersey's most well-preserved Victorian mansions. From here, you can see some of the best views of the Manhattan skyline, due to the location high above downtown New Jersey and Hoboken.

Liberty State Park

There are actually several different neighborhoods that are inclusive of Liberty State Park, such as Liberty State Park itself, as well as Cochrane Stadium / Caven Point Athletic Complex, and the Port Liberte development - which is where you will find a plethora of very nice condos and town homes, as well as the Liberty National Golf Course.

Journal Square

The Journal Square area is aptly named because of the Jersey Journal, whose headquarters are located in this locale. Here you will find the heart of Jersey City. It is also the home of the Hudson County Community College, and to the county's courthouse and administration buildings.
This is also considered to be a transportation hub of Jersey City, as the "square" itself is at the intersection of Bergen Avenue and Kennedy Boulevard. Many of the local, state, and even federal agencies that serve Hudson County have offices in this area.
Even though the Jersey Journal sold its building and relocated back in 2012, the large sign that contains the paper's name on it is still in place atop the building in the square.

The Hilltop is actually located within the easternmost section of the Journal Square neighborhood. From here you can see some of the most spectacular views of both the Jersey City and the New York City skylines at night.


Greenville is located at the south end of Jersey City. While this particular area was once considered to be somewhat "rough," today it is in the process of being redeveloped. Here you will find mostly single family homes that are mixed in with low-rise apartment buildings. Nearby attractions include Liberty State Park, as well as Mercer Park, Bayside, Columbia, and Fricchione. Also, Cochrane Athletic Field is located near the Hudson Waterfront.

Bergen / Lafayette

In the Bergen / Lafayette neighborhood, you will find more historical architecture, including pre-war and brownstone homes - although the area is slowly renovating and modernizing. This is due in large part to what is happening in the surrounding areas, including downtown.

Bergen Hill

Bergen Hill was once a part of Bergen City back in the 19th century. This area still is host to many historic homes. Today, it is a thriving area of Jersey City, lined with busy streets. It is bordered by Fairmount, Cornelison, Communipaw, and Monticello Avenues. Today you can find older buildings that have been renovated into lofts and other modern, livable spaces - some that even have waiting lists.One such property is The Beacon, a new, mixed-use development that has emerged from the rehab of the old Jersey City Medical Center. This facility includes 2 million feet of residential and retail space.

West Side

West Side is considered to be a very ethnically diverse neighborhood. It is the home of Lincoln Park, as well as Jersey City's very own Central Park. You will also find New Jersey City University here, along with a number of residential living options at the Hackensack River at Droyer's Point.


The Communipaw neighborhood is located just west of Liberty State Park and to the east of Bergen Hill. Here you will also find Communipaw Cove, part of the area's 36-acre nature preserve, as well as one of the few remaining salt marshes in the Hudson River estuary.


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