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Your guide to the City of Brotherly Love!

Welcome to Philadelphia - where you'll find a blend of history and charm that's mixed with today's modern culture. Philly is one of the most iconic cities in the U.S., immortalized by the founding fathers of our country. Here you will find a wide array of neighborhoods that provide the opportunity to experience all the Philadelphia and the surrounding area have to offer, including employment, community centers, medical facilities, parks, shops, restaurants, and more!

Philadelphia is a world-class city, offering a top-notch mass transit system, superb dining, arts and entertainment venues, a long list of quality higher education institutions, and famous historical sites. The city's blend of history brings in millions of visitors every year - but it is the opportunity and its beauty that provides a reason to call this city home for more than 1.5 million people. As the center of economic activity for the state of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia holds the headquarters to seven Fortune 1000 companies. Some of the top employment opportunities here include manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and financial services. It is also home to the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, as well as some of the largest insurers in the country such as Colonial Penn, CIGNA, and Independence Blue Cross. Sporting events, museums, theatres, and more - Philadelphia is never at a loss for things to see and do. And, the residents here have a long list of options when it comes to finding what they want to surround themselves with in terms of great living options. The area provides numerous choices, from the historic to the modern - in a wide range of rental prices, depending upon location and the amenities that are chosen. While the city is loaded with housing options, businesses, and other institutions, though, Philadelphia doesn't have a shortage of green space or places to go out and get a breath of fresh air. The city of Philly is blooming with parks and gardens - many of which grace the city's historic homes and art museums. Just some of these include Morris Arboretum, Bartram's Garden, and Independence National Historical Park. Although millions of people visit Philadelphia each year in order to see and take in its history, its culture, and its beauty, there are thousands who also decide to stay and make Philadelphia their home.

What to do in Philadelphia

There is a lot to do in Philadelphia - so no matter what you enjoy, you will likely find fun in Philly. This city holds a strong and rich history, and you can start by just taking it all in at Independence Hall, The National Constitution Center, or The Liberty Bell. You could also enjoy one of the city's many museums, theatres or parks. The to-do list is literally endless.

How to Get Around in Philadelphia

Getting around in Philadelphia can actually be pretty easy. The city's layout is a breeze to master, and the neighborhood streets are full of fun and diverse restaurants, shops, museums, parks, and people. The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) is the country's fifth-largest transit system, and it is the most comprehensive subway, bus, and commuter rail system in the entire United States. So, this vast network of trains, busses, and trolleys will get you just about anywhere in Philly that you need to go. Philadelphia is also a great place to see either on bike or on foot. The city has been voted as being the best in the country for bicycle commuting - and it has over 430 miles of dedicated bike lanes. If you don't have your own bicycle, you can rent one at more than 100 stations across the city from one of Philly's bike share programs. There are also numerous colorful directional signs for pedestrians called "Walk! Philadelphia" that have been added throughout Center City. These can help walkers to navigate, as well as to promote public safety.

What it's like to live in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is much more than just a historic and beautiful city. It can also be a wonderful place to work, play, live, and to call home. There are numerous employment opportunities - from large insurance and financial entities, to universities and medical centers. Plus, the things to do in Philly go on and on. This city has a long list of parks and public green spaces, such as Franklin Square - one of five public squares laid out by William Penn in his original plan for Philadelphia. These include the Flyers for hockey, Phillies for Baseball, Eagles for football, and the 76ers for basketball. So, get your jersey ready! The city is also home to a myriad of museums, art, shopping and dining experiences - from the ultra fancy to the casual. Philadelphia is known as a city that consists of many different vibrant neighborhoods - each having its own distinct personality. It is diverse and modern - and bound to offer something for just about everyone.

Where to find apartments in Philadelphia

There are actually neighborhoods both directly in downtown Philly, as well as in the surrounding areas, so you can pin down your Philadelphia apartment rental of choice by first determining your ideal location. Before heading out to start looking, though, it is a good idea to first do a little research. Also, when securing an apartment for rent in Philadelphia, you will usually be required to put down both a security deposit, as well as the first month's rent. This will usually need to be accompanied by proof from your employer that you have steady income that is well above what you will owe in monthly rent - and that your employment is stable. You should also ideally have good credit history, and at least one or two good credit references. When seeking that perfect apartment in Philly, you will also want to determine what type of attractions you want to be near. For example, is it important to be near any parks, or the downtown area? What about being near your employer or in close proximity to public transportation? Once you have nailed down your location, there are other things to think about, too. For instance, do you want to have various conveniences in your unit, such as a washer and dryer? Or, are you willing to take your laundry somewhere else, in exchange for paying less in rent each month? Also, if you have a car, is it important that you have a garage or an assigned parking space? If so, this will likely cost extra? Or are you willing to take the chance and park on the street for a lower monthly rent? After you have determined all of your must-haves, you will have a much clearer direction in terms of the type of apartment you are looking for.

Neighborhoods in Philadelphia

University City

University City is considered to be the academic center of the region. It acquired its name due to two of the largest and most influential universities that are located there - Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania. In this area, you will find a robust and diverse student population, along with a plethora of cafes, coffee houses, and late-night hangouts. This neighborhood is easy to reach by subway, and it is also very pedestrian-friendly.

Bella Vista

The name Bella Vista actually means "beautiful sight," This neighborhood was the first neighborhood in Philadelphia to be settled by Italian immigrants, and today, the area is still best known for the Ninth Street Italian Market - the oldest operational open-air entity of its kind in the country.This neighborhood has grown a great deal over the years, and it now offers residents and visitors many local dining options and varieties. It is also conveniently located to public transportation, so it is easy to access for those without a vehicle.

Washington Square West

Washington Square West is actually three neighborhoods in one, also encompassing Midtown Village and the Gayborhood. This area has increasingly become a great go-to spot for trendy restaurants, shops, and boutiques. You will also find the Walnut Street Theatre here, Antique Row, Jewelers' Row, as well as Washington Square itself, which is a fantastic gathering spot for picnickers, families, and anyone who just wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Spring Garden

Many years ago, Spring Garden was initially built to accommodate wealthy industrialists during the 19th century. Today, the area still holds on to its Victorian beauty. It has also seen some re-development. It is easy to get to and from via public transport, and is also based near Spring Garden, so makes for an easy commute for motorists, too.

Queen Village

A neighborhood consisting primarily of older residences, Queen Village also offers a great deal of modern energy. This area provides many great eateries and shops, as well as a farmers market for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Old City

Situated right next to Independence Mall, Old City still possesses charming cobblestone streets and many cute shops to visit. This area puts residents in close proximity to attractions such as the Liberty Bell and Penn's Landing, too.

Logan Square

For those who are more modern, Logan Square offers more of a mix of luxury high rises and green space dotted in with the historic homes and world-class museums - all in one beautiful space. Here you will have easy access to the Philadelphia Art Museum and the Franklin Institute.


Fairmount is located just beyond the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This area offers close proximity to some great eateries such as the London Grill, as well as attractions like the Fairmount Art Center. Easy access, too, from the SEPTA Broad Street line.

Cedar Park

Cedar Park is located in west Philly. This diverse area is known for its many independent businesses and community collaboration. Lots of shops, restaurants, and other neighborhood offerings for residents and visitors to enjoy here.


For those who enjoy live music, Callowhill may be the ideal spot. That's because this is a neighborhood with some of the best live tunes in the city - along with a growing restaurant identity and a unique group of independent artists, too. Some of the spots here that you won't want to miss include Bufad Pizza, and the Trestle Inn.

East Passyunk

The East Passyunk area provides a unique mix of the old and the new. Here you will find some of Philly's hottest restaurants and bars - including The Pub on Passyunk East (P.O.P.E.) and Le Virtu. Easy to access this hotspot via the SEPTA Broad Street line.

Graduate Hospital (G-Ho)

Just south of center city is the Graduate Hospital, or G-Ho, area. This is a well lit and very pedestrian friendly area of Philly, as there are numerous restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars that serve residents day and night. The area is also very kid-friendly, so is a nice place for young and growing families.

Northern Liberties (NoLibs)

Once a manufacturing district, the Northern Liberties (NoLibs) area turned into a place for artists in the 1990s, due in large part to its inexpensive studio space. Today, you will still find mixed-use complexes, along with many cute restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Powelton Village

Powelton Village may just be one of Philly's best kept secrets. This area provides a mix of stately homes that are mixed in with colorful and quirky businesses, including the Green Line Cafe, and Spencer ETA Burger. It is actually quite easy to get to - just take the SEPTA Market-Frankford line and its No. 10 trolley.

Society Hill

The Society Hill neighborhood provides a nice combination of homes and restaurants, along with shops and historic attractions. Some of what you will find in this area include the Independence Seaport Museum and Washington Square. You will also find the Headhouse Farmers Market.

Spruce Hill

Spruce Hill offers a unique blend of West Philly "character." There is a diverse population of residents that live in this neighborhood, including artists, entrepreneurs, athletes, and musicians. Many popular restaurants and cafes are also found here, such as Honest Tom's Tacos. Residents also enjoy frequenting nearby Clark Park.


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