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In the market for an apartment in Portland, OR? Choose from thousands of listings by checking out floor plans, pictures and more to find your new home today!

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Your guide to the City of Roses!

Welcome to Portland - a city rich in culture and natural beauty that has become a top destination for the arts, entertainment, and leisure activity. You may visit Portland in order to play and relax - and end up coming back to call it home.

Situated on banks of the Columbia and the Willamette Rivers, and in the shadow of snow-capped Mount Hood, is Oregon's largest city - Portland. This city, diverse and full of history, is well known for its bridges, parks, and bike paths, and for its eco-friendliness. The city is also big into microbreweries and coffee houses. Just some of the landmarks that you will find in this northwestern city include the Shanghai Tunnels, Fort Vancouver, and the Pittock Mansion - which offers some of the most picture perfect views of Portland, as well as a revealing glimpse of the city's past. Here you will find opportunity in several industries - including technology, of which there are more than 1,200 companies that call this city their home. It is also a key area for athletic and footwear manufacturers, and it is the home to either the global, the North American, or the United States headquarters of Nike, Adidas, Columbia Sportswear, Keen, and several others. Portland has also earned accolades as being one of the most vibrant cities in the U.S. music scene, and it is big in the cultural and performing arts as well. Museums, theatres, and sports venues - Portland offers it all - and at a cost of living that is quite affordable. On top of that, the city has also been awarded the Greenest City in America designation, and it provides ample green space and recreation areas for its residents to enjoy.

What to do in Portland

There is an abundance of things to do in Portland - starting with the great outdoors. In fact, you don't have to go too far from town to find yourself hiking through the forest or observing natural wildlife. Portland has a plethora of places to bike, hike, and explore, including Silver Falls State Park and Forest Park - the largest wilderness park within city limits in the U.S., just to name a few. The area is also loaded with arts and culture - including live music, visual arts, museums, art galleries, film festivals, and more. Treat yourself to the Multicultural Murals of Portland - which serve as a colorful introduction to the city's rich history as illustrated by some of the world's most accomplished muralists. If you're into the nightlife scene, there is a long list of activities to keep you busy until the sun comes up. Dance clubs, karaoke, and comedy are just the beginning. Portland is loaded with concert venues, theaters, and performance halls that are open late all over town. For those who are sports fans, you won't be disappointed here, either. From rooting on the Portland Trail Blazers to seeing a soccer match with the Timbers Army, Portland loves its sports teams. And after the game is over, you certainly won't go hungry - because the food in Portland is as wide and varied as its residents. Anything from fine dining to casual, food carts - the city has more than 600 of these alone - to sweets, whatever you might be craving, you'll find it right here.

How to Get Around in Portland

Getting around in Portland can be pretty easy - especially once you have in your possession the proper map and / or app of the city and its surrounding area. Here you will find a variety of different transport options to choose from. Plus, this city is exceptionally bike and walk-friendly, too. At the heart of Portland's public transport system is the MAX light rail - with 84 stations and 52 miles of track that connect the airport, the city, and essentially the entire region. MAX has four lines, all color-coded to make planning your travel easier. These trains run roughly every 15 minutes, most of the day, every day. There is also the Portland Streetcar option. This modern day streetcar, named the NS line, travels through downtown from Portland State University to the Nob Hill neighborhood, via the popular shopping and dining area of the Pearl District. Bus service also makes it easy to get around the city. TriMet busses cover the city of Portland, as well as the surrounding suburbs. The busses are fully wheelchair accessible, and they are also equipped with bike racks. Portland is also extremely friendly for bikers and walkers. This city has more than 300 miles of bikeways - and it has been deemed as having the nation's highest percentage of bike commuters. In addition, not only is the downtown area pedestrian-friendly, but there are also many neighborhoods throughout the Portland area that are also great for walking.

What it's like to live in Portland

Living in Portland, Oregon, can be a wonderful experience. Here, you will find great opportunity for employment, along with activities galore. Whether you're into music and the arts, theatre, and museums, or you would rather spend your time hiking, biking, and kayaking - you can get your fill of it all right here in Portland. It is also easy to get around in Portland, too. While it is a nice sized city and offers all the amenities of such, it isn't so big that you can lose yourself within block after block of high rises. In fact, for many people, Portland is the perfect size, and it offers just the right amount of amenities. The living options in Portland are vast - and apartments can come in all sizes and floor plans - as well as in a wide range of rent rates. So, it can be easy to find one that can best fit your needs and your budget, once you have narrowed down what is most important to you.

Where to find apartments in Portland

There are many neighborhoods in Portland, both in the downtown area, as well as in the surrounding suburbs, in which to locate the ideal apartment. However, before you set out to find that perfect one, it is a good idea to conduct some research first. When you secure an apartment in the Portland area, it is typically required for you to put down a security deposit, as well as the first month's rent. This will also usually need to be accompanied by proof by your employer that you have steady income, and that your income is well above the amount that you will require for your rent. In addition, you will also generally need for your employer to prove that your income is stable. Plus, you should be able to provide at least one or two good, solid credit references. In terms of finding that perfect apartment in Portland, you will want to first determine just what type of attractions you want to be close to. For instance, is it important for you to be near a park, the downtown area, and / or to your place of employment? Also, do you need or want to be close to public transportation hubs? Once you have nailed down your ideal location, there are also other items that you should think about, too. For example, do you want to have other conveniences, such as in-unit laundry, or are you willing to pay less in monthly rent and wash your clothes elsewhere. Likewise, you will also want to consider other factors, too, such as whether you would want to have certain amenities like a garage and / or on-site work out equipment. While these, too, will generally cost you more in monthly rent, they can also cost less in your overall monthly expenses - and they can end up saving you time in your weekly schedule. After you have come up with your apartment "need" or "want" list, you will then be much more ready to begin looking for your ideal Portland apartment unit.

Neighborhoods in Portland

Downtown Portland

If you're looking for the hustle and bustle of city living, then downtown Portland may be your ideal spot. This city's extremely walkable downtown area provides easy access to great food and cultural offerings, as well as to green space if you want to step back and get a breath of fresh air. Downtown Portland is easy to access via bike, car, or public transport. This is an awesome area for young professionals and those who enjoy a fast paced lifestyle.

Pearl District

Formerly a warehouse district, today the Pearl District offers some of the city's most hip bars and restaurants. Here you will find many chic art galleries and cultural institutions, as well as stylish shops and acclaimed restaurants. There are also a variety of lofts and apartments to choose from here - at a range of prices to fit various budgets.

Old Town Chinatown

Once Portland's original downtown, Old Town Chinatown is today a bustling entertainment district. Some of the popular haunts here include Voodoo Doughnut and the Lan Su Chinese Garden, as well as the Portland Saturday Market.

Northwest Portland / Nob Hill

The Northwest Portland / Nob Hill area is considered to be a great place for nice, leisurely strolls. Adjoining this neighborhood is Forest Park, so if you're more of a hiker, this could be an ideal location for you. There are also a number of upscale retail and dining establishments in the immediate vicinity.

Lloyd District

The Lloyd District is easy to access by streetcar and light rail. Here you will find the Portland convention center, as well as the Moda Center, the host of NBA games and concerts. You will also find the home of Oregon's largest shopping mall. This tends to be a nice locale for those who are shoppers and sports fans alike.

Mississippi / Williams

If you are into the live music scene, then you may want to focus your apartment search on the Mississippi / Williams area. That's because this area is home to numerous popular restaurants, as well as live music venues. In fact, North Mississippi Avenue actually features a long stretch of shops, restaurants, and bars - many which feature live bands.

Alberta Arts District

The Alberta Arts District is a diverse and cultural area. Here you will find the streets lined with eateries, shops, bars, and galleries. And, on the last Thursday of each month, Northeast Alberta Street hosts a colorful street fair.

Central Eastside

Central Eastside is located just across the Willamette River from downtown Portland. Offering a plethora of unique restaurants and cafes, this hip area also hosts many up and coming microbreweries and late-night hot spots. Being right on the river, there is also a nice array of riverside recreation to choose from here.

Division / Clinton

The Division / Clinton area offers a myriad of great eateries - one right after the other. In fact, this location is actually known for its noteworthy dining establishments. Great location for young professionals - especially if you have an appetite!


Belmont is located in the southeast section of Portland. There is some history to be seen in this area, along with numerous vintage shops, coffee houses, and bars. This is a great area for young professionals as well as families with children.


When you think of the word eclectic, think of the Hawthorne neighborhood - the center of which is Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard, an extremely walkable street that features block upon block of unique cafes, shops, and boutiques. You will also find here the famous Bagdad Theatre.


Although it is just a few short minutes from the downtown area, Sellwood-Moreland is a bit more spread out. Here you will even find a rambling wildlife refuge. In town, there is a nice mix of restaurants and shops for the locals and guests to enjoy. There are also many well-kept historical structures dotted throughout the area.


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