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Your guide to The Queen City.

Welcome to Charlotte, North Carolina - a world-class city for its variety of art, science, and historical attractions. This beautiful locale provides its residents with a mix of both new and old world charm, along with a year-round moderate climate. It's no wonder that so many people want to call Charlotte home.

The largest city in the state of North Carolina, Charlotte, is home to more than 2.5 million residents - who are aptly referred to as "Charlotteans." This area offers communities in a variety of different styles and price ranges - from the hustle and bustle of urban life to the slow and peaceful setting of the 'burbs. One of the many things that you may notice is that this historical locale is no stranger to big business. Charlotte is the headquarters of banking giant Bank of America, as well as the key east coast operations for Wells Fargo - essentially making Charlotte the second largest banking center in the United States. Charlotte easily mixes its diverse urban environment with the laid back hospitality of the old South. But it's the exceptional quality of life that is enjoyed by its residents that is one of the biggest factors in the substantial growth that Charlotte has experienced over the past several years.

What to do in Charlotte

There is never a lack of anything to do in Charlotte. Whether you are looking for family and kid-friendly attractions, or the trendy night life, you'll be easily able to find it right here in Charlotte. The Discovery Place is a top hands-on science museum that draws more than a half-million visitors every year. Other key attractions include Paramount's Carowinds Water & Theme Park, and the Carolina Renaissance Festival. There are also loads of shopping options available - from factory outlet malls to cute antique shops and boutiques. Due to the area's temperate climate, there are also a number of recreational activities that can be enjoyed almost the year-round. For example, the nearby Atlantic Ocean offers a multitude of water activities, as do the plethora of lakes. You could also opt for a hike through one of the many forests or trails. If you're into art museums or galleries, there are numerous choices as well, including the Mint Museum of Art and the Mint Museum of Craft & Design. These are just some of the many cultural alternatives to choose from in this venue. If you are a sports fan, you won't be disappointed because Charlotte is the home of some top sports teams, including the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League, and the Charlotte Hornets of the National Basketball Association. On top of that, those who are big NASCAR fans will be happy to learn that 90% of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series teams are also headquartered within 50 miles of Charlotte, too.

How to Get Around in Charlotte

How to Get Around in Charlotte Charlotte is a relatively easy area to navigate. This is due in large part to the early city planners, who laid out the city blocks in patterned grids. The city offers several different alternatives for getting you to and from where you need to be. The LYNX Blue Line Light Rail is North Carolina's first rapid-rail system. This system connects South Charlotte to Center City - which runs along 15 stations. On weekdays, this line is available every 10 minutes during rush hour, and every 15 minutes during non-peak times. There is also the Sprinter Bus. This hybrid-electric bus offers both an easy and an affordable alternative for getting to and from Charlotte's airport to Center City and vice versa. It also makes stops in various locations. This bus runs every 20 minutes on weekdays, and every 30 minutes on nights and weekends. Charlotte also offers streetcar and trolley systems. The Gold Rush Red Line is a rubber wheel trolley car that is a reminder of the streetcars of old. These will connect passengers to Center City and the LYNX Blue Line. The City LYNX Gold Line is also a streetcar system. This streetcar will connect various neighborhoods to businesses and educational facilities. There are other transit options, too, if you choose to go these routes. These include: • Cruise Carts - These eco-friendly golf cart shuttles operate every day providing pick up and drop off services for various locations, including Center City, South End, Dilworth, NoDa, Plaza Milwood, Elizabeth, and Myers Park. There is no charge to ride in these carts. • Charlotte B-Cycle - The Charlotte B-Cycle operates out of 24 stations throughout the Uptown and surrounding neighborhoods. With 200 blue bicycles, this is one of the largest urban bike sharing programs to operate in the Southeast.

What it's like to live in Charlotte

So, what exactly is it like to live in Charlotte? According to its residents, this city is a plethora of culture and entertainment, along with recreational opportunities galore. The area has a humid, subtropical climate - so there typically isn't a whole lot of snow or ice to worry about, even in the winter months - although it does happen on occasion. This leaves a lot of time for outdoor activity - of which you have many options. One potential - especially if you are a fan of the water - is boating and skiing on nearby Lake Norman, which is the largest man-made lake in North Carolina. There are also two additional lakes near Charlotte - Lake Wylie and Mountain Island Lake. For those who are more into fishing, the Catawba River is also a plus. A lot of the communities in the Charlotte area - much like the rest of the Carolinas - include planned activities, So, even if you're a newcomer, you will be able to quickly become involved in your neighborhood. The housing options in the metro-Charlotte area are both diverse and attractive - so you have a lot of alternatives to choose from. These can literally span from the historic to the new and mod. There are also golf course communities, town homes, and high rise living - all with (or without) a myriad of differing amenities.

Where to find apartments in Charlotte

There are apartments available both in the downtown area of Charlotte, and in the surrounding area. However, before heading out to look, it is always a good idea to do some additional research first. When you are looking for an apartment rental in Charlotte, you will generally need to put down both a security deposit, and the first month's rent. This will also typically need to be in conjunction with proof from your employer that you have income that is more than what you will need for your monthly rent. And, you will also need to prove that your income is stable. Also, you should have a good, solid credit history, as well as good credit references. With regard to finding that perfect Charlotte apartment for rent, there are some factors that you will probably need to consider prior to signing on the dotted line - and certainly before you lock yourself into a year-long lease. For instance, think about the type of neighborhood that you will want to live in regarding the proximity to public transportation, as well as any other possible amenities, such as shopping, restaurants, parks, and even your employer. Once you have settled on your desired location, there are also other criteria that you'll want to consider, too. For example, what size space to you want or need? Apartments can come in all shapes and sizes. So, how many bedrooms and bathrooms will you require? Maybe it’s a studio apartment you need. What about other items on the list, such as a washer and dryer in the unit - or, are you willing to forgo this in return for a lower monthly rent? There are other things to think about, too, such as garage space, in-building workout area, and patio or deck space for grilling (if you like to cook out). Once you have made your list and settled on all of the items on it, you will be in a much better position to narrow down the type of apartment that you are aiming for, as well as the amount of rent that you can expect to pay.

Neighborhoods in Charlotte

The Arts District

In this former mill village, you will find a diverse array of residents. The locals refer to this area as North Charlotte, while others simply call it THE Arts District. Here you can find single family homes, as well as loft apartments. You can typically find music playing somewhere in the vicinity almost every night. And, several times each month the area also hosts an art gallery crawl.

Center City

Center City, also referred to as "the loop," actually encircles the uptown area. Here you can find a choice of town homes, as well as loft apartments. You can also find some impressive skyline views of Charlotte - depending on exactly where you want to settle, and where your budget falls. This can be an ideal area for young professionals, as well as sports fans, as it is not far from Bank of America Stadium, the home of the Carolina Panthers. Famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. also owns a bar nearby called Whiskey River.

Plaza Midwood

The Plaza Midwood (or just Midwood) area offers a number of mixed use developments. This area is known for being diverse, and you may even find one or two tattoo parlors mixed in among the restaurants and pubs that line the main thoroughfare of this former streetcar community. Other popular stops in this neighborhood include Fuel Pizza and Nova's Bakery - where you can feast on a slice of chocolate-orange bread. This area is also the home of the Charlotte Country Club.


SouthPark - no, not the one from the cartoon where you'll find Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, and Stan - is actually the largest shopping mall in the Charlotte region. Surrounding the mall, you will find some of the most prestigious homes in the vicinity - all while being just a few miles out of the city proper. The SouthPark area also home to a number of large, Fortune 500 companies.


If you are seeking more of a mix of different types of housing options - all rolled into just one area - then Ballantyne may be your place. Here, you will find not just a variety of shopping and restaurant picks, but also your choice of town homes, and apartment alternatives. And, these can be found in a variety of different price ranges, as well. In this area, you will also find the beautiful Ballantyne Resort, which includes the Dana Rader Golf School - so, if you need a little brushing up on your swing, this could help you to shave off a few strokes on your next 18 holes.


Dilworth was actually established back in the early 1900s as the first streetcar suburb in Charlotte. The center of this beautiful neighborhood has a lovely playground, theatre, and even a water park. The wide tree-lined streets and friendly atmosphere are what bring people into the area - and what keep them there for many years. You will typically see people strolling along the streets with kids and dogs, walking to the nearby restaurants and cafes, and enjoying the local nightlife. Every fall, Dilworth offers an annual home tour in order to showcase some of its fine residences.


Elizabeth is located just southeast of downtown Charlotte. This area offers beautiful, older trees and older residences. Its close proximity to two of Charlotte's major hospitals - Presbyterian and Mercy - make it a great area for those who are either medical students in residence, or those who are in the medical field.

University City

University City is just to the northeast of the downtown Charlotte area. This is where the University of North Carolina at Charlotte is located - so this is a great locale for students. The area is rapidly expanding as the university also grows. Also, the first IKEA store in the Charlotte area is also located in University City.


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