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San Diego

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San Diego

Your guide to America's Finest City.

With 70 miles of blue Pacific coastline at your doorstep and an average year-round temperature of right around 60 degrees, the sun is usually out in southern California - and there's a lot to see in America's Finest City. Welcome to San Diego! Known as the second largest city in California, nearly 3 million people call the city and county of San Diego home - and it's easy to see why. Beautiful views, ideal climate, mile-high mountains, and tons to see and do - this beautiful location has a lot to offer.

San Diego is well renowned for its fantastic year-round climate, its miles upon miles of pristine sandy beaches, and a wide array of attractions for people of all ages. The city has its primary economic outlets tied to both military and defense-related activity, as well as international trade, tourism, and manufacturing. The area actually sits on roughly 200 deep canyons and hills that separate its mesas, which create small pockets of natural open space. This gives San Diego its hilly geography. Because of the way it's laid out, the homes and businesses in San Diego are typically built on the mesas, leaving the open canyons relatively wild. The actual city of San Diego proper is located on San Diego Bay, and Balboa Park is located several mesas and canyons to the northeast of downtown. Overall, the boundaries of the San Diego neighborhoods is understood by the residents, based on the geographical boundaries like canyons and street patterns.

What to do in San Diego

There is a long list of things to do in San Diego. The city is famous for its zoo, Safari Park, and Sea World attractions. You could also step on over to LEGOLAND and build something - or, if you'd prefer to do something nature-related, there are a myriad of places that you can hike, camp, or go fishing. You could also venture just a tad bit south and visit Mexico, as Tijuana and Ensenada are just a short distance away. Being located directly on the Pacific Ocean's coastline provides San Diego residents with the opportunity to enjoy year-round boating, swimming, sailing, and - for those who can do so - surfing. Golfers can choose from one of more than 92 courses to play on, or your could opt to observe some of San Diego's wildlife at one of its many nature parks. Need to get out of the sun for a while? No problem. The arts and culture in San Diego are very much alive and well. In fact, San Diego is home to 15 different museums, as well as a multitude of art galleries and theatres. If you're a sports fan, you won't be disappointed either. That's because San Diego has its fair share of professional teams to cheer on, including the Chargers for football and the Padres for baseball.

How to Get Around in San Diego

Getting around in San Diego can be relatively easy. The city's Metropolitan Transit System, or MTS, has numerous lines that help to connect commuters with where they need to be. Each weekday, more than 285,000 people ride the MTS rapid transit rail system. MTS also offers trolley and bus service. Due to the pleasant climate in San Diego, you will frequently see commuters walking and / or riding bicycles to get to and from work. So, having a comfortable pair of walking shoes is key to getting just about anywhere - especially if you also want to take in some of that southern California fresh air!

What it's like to live in San Diego

So, what exactly is it like to live in San Diego? It can be fun and adventurous. It can also be fairly affordable - which can provide you with the ability to spend your money on something other than just rent. For example, you could visit any number of theme parks, attractions, museums, or art galleries. You could take a guided tour of the city. Or, alternatively, you could opt to just take a leisurely stroll through one of the many city parks. On top of that, the beaches are just beautiful. With roughly 70 miles of Pacific coastline, even the freeways in San Diego will oftentimes lead you directly to the beach! And, there are beaches for just about everyone's taste, too. For example, there are quiet ones, loud ones, and middle of the road ones - so pick the one you want. While you're there, you might spot a dolphin or a whale. In addition to all of the well-known attractions, there is also a long list of off-the-beaten-path restaurants, bars, and secret watering holes that are well worth hunting for in San Diego. And as a side note, you can probably do away with the suit and tie - because everything is pretty casual in this area. Here, you are apt to see people sporting shorts and flip flops just about as far as the eye can see.

Where to find apartments in San Diego

There are a number of great places to live, both directly in San Diego, as well as in the surrounding area. Prior to going out and securing an apartment rental though, it is always best to know what you will need to provide to a potential landlord or rental agency first. For example, when securing an 1,2,3 bedroom or even a studio apartment in San Diego, it is typically necessary to put down a security deposit, as well as the amount of the first month's rent. This will usually also need to be accompanied by proof from your employer that your income is both steady and stable. Plus, it is important that you have a good credit history, along with at least one or two good credit references. In terms of actually finding a great apartment rental in San Diego, you will want to sit down and determine where in the area you will want to be located. For instance, is it important to you that you're near the beach, close to your employer, or ideally - close to both! After you've nailed down the perfect location, you will also want to think about your space requirements, as well as the amenities that you can and can't live without. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms will you be searching for? Likewise, is it necessary that you have in-unit laundry facilities, or are you ok paying less, but knowing that you'll have to trade off going to an off-site laundry facility in order to get this chore done? What about other amenities, such as a workout facility, garage, and storage? All of these will factor into your overall decision - as well as the price that you'll pay in rent. But, once you have a more clear idea of what you do and don't absolutely have to have in an apartment, you will be able to narrow down your options and find the ideal place for you!

Neighborhoods in San Diego

La Mesa

La Mesa has been named by as the "most walkable city" in San Diego County. This is due in large part to the area's pedestrian friendly downtown village, along with its upgraded intersections. The area is also enhanced with beautiful rolling hillsides, creeks, and boulders that go on for acres, and allow views into Coronado. This quaint suburban town has a myriad of boutiques and antique shops, as well as eateries and cafes. You do need a car to get around, though, if you work in the downtown area of San Diego.

Imperial Beach

Imperial Beach is considered to be San Diego's southernmost area. Over the past several years, developers have flocked to the Imperial Beach locale, putting in new restaurants and living options. There's even a nice Farmer's Market at the local Pier Plaza that is open every Friday.

Bankers Hill

If you're the outdoorsy type, then this bike and walker-friendly location could be your ideal spot. The Bankers Hill neighborhood is extremely friendly for both pedestrians and cyclists alike, providing an entire network of safe crossings and dedicated street lanes for bikers.


Encinitas is actually five distinct communities all rolled into one. These include New Encinitas, Old Encinitas, Leucadia, Olivenhain, and Cardiff-by-the-Sea. With its plethora of restaurants and bars, there's something to do and somewhere to go day and night. The area also offers a 44-acre park - inclusive of a 13,000-square-foot skate park and a 2-acre dog park and paved walking paths for those who like to stay active and on the go.

Mission Hills

If you're into great restaurants and cafes, then you might want to consider living in or around the Mission Hills area. This locale is considered to be a foodie's paradise. After years of high turnover, a number of top-notch eateries have come here to stay. And, given the comfortable year-round San Diego weather, many offer outdoor dining. A definite must to check out for young professionals.

Allied Gardens

If you want a comfortable suburban feel, yet still close to the heart of the city, then you might want to consider Allied Gardens. This great area is close to the San Diego River - as well as to nearby public transportation. In addition to residential, there are several new breweries either currently operating or planning to open in this locale. Perfect for young families and those in the working world.

Bird Rock

San Diego offers some fantastic views - and you can get up close and personal with them right here in Bird Rock. At the end of several streets in this neighborhood are coastal viewing areas, each that are equipped with guardrails to protect onlookers. And, if you're into staying healthy, the area also offers some fantastic juice bars.

Carmel Valley

According to, Carmel Valley was the number one neighborhood for home searches back in 2013 - and it is easy to understand why. With its close proximity to the beach, coupled with the area's top rated school system, it has the ideal mix. Carmel Valley also offers a nice array of restaurants and shops, as well as a mixed use development known as One Paseo.

Bay Park

If you want to get a little further out of the city's hub, you might try the Bay Park area. Its restaurants and retail offerings provide the opportunity to have all that you need right there - all while still allowing a fantastic view of the ocean.

East Village

If you are more into new developments, then East Village may be more of your thing. Here you will find a long list of newer establishments - including restaurants, bars, and apartment living spaces.


Surfers have long known Carlsbad to be a mini-metropolis. Here you can find a variety of different restaurants and bars, along with a mall and downtown "village" area.

Lemon Grove

For the health conscious, Lemon Grove should be on your list to check out. Here, the vending machines that are located on the city's property are filled only with healthy drinks and snacks. This area also recently opened an affordable apartment complex that provides a combination residential, mixed use, and transit - which can offer convenience to its residents.


Leucadia is an art-loving community, featuring annual programs like its Arts Alive, LeucadiART Walk, and Battle of the Bands. The area is home to a number of new breweries, as well as small wineries and vineyards.


Oceanside is San Diego's northernmost beach town. Here, too, you'll find a number of great eateries, cafes, and breweries, along with water related activities to keep you active.

4S Ranch

If you have children, then the 4S Ranch area may be a consideration. With its top of the line school system, along with one of the most active libraries in the country, this area has often been termed as the "land of learning."


The cozy village of Kensington offers cute Craftsman and Spanish style homes that are tucked back on canyon streets. Here you will also find some great seafood eateries, along with some awesome fare for burgers, too!


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